DSTV Installations

We do domestic and commercial installation that means from single view installation explora installations  , extra view for a one family to Multi Dwelling Unit (MUD) installations ie: complexes, small medium and big institutes , hotels lodges shopping malls, hospitals retirement village, small medium and big institutes.

With Multi choice current requirement of terminating all 4 quadrants per unit {PDF OF MULTI CHOICE LATER}. Multi choice and suppliers have designed systems that will work of fibre optic and single cable system to distribute unicable or satellite turning (Sat CR). We have different options that are currently available which will work to suit any budget and will meet the recommended requirement according to multi choice requirements below are the possible option you can select from:

  • Distribution of DStv on fibre per unit
  • This is the installation where we use a fibre optic lnb and use a fibre optic splitter to split to each unit and use Quad, quarto and or SatCR GTU (Gateway termination unit)  or FTU (fibre termination unit)  which will convert the light back into copper theis is the most recommend installation by multi choice. This is most expensive installation because of the number of components that are required on this set up.


  • Distribution of dstv over fiber per unit
  • Applicable on all types of installations

What we offer :

  • We do domestic and commercial installation that means from single view, extra view for one family to Multi Dwelling Unit (MUD) installations i.e. complexes, hotels , lodges , shopping malls hospitals, retirement villages and smart villages.
  • We do home automation, fiber optic installation which will reduce the number of cables coming into each unit and that will enable MUD installation to use existing infrastructure (conducting) without having to change.
  • We do aerial installation thus for sabc1, 2,3 and Etv.


This is a system where one satellite dish system is being used for a number of units which is either done on one cable system or a two cable system but Multi Choice recommends 4-5 –cables per unit to enable all quadrants which is horizontal low horizontal high vertical high and terrestrial to be available in each unit.

There are different types of communal installation where you get unit- cable in the units. With the help of our suppliers there is system where you can get 16 user bans per point on a single cable communal (MUD). The smart multi-switch can be used in a communal system with a smart splitter and can connect up to 3 Dstv explora’s

These smart multi- switch when connected can give a customer all the four quadrants (is horizontal low, vertical low, horizontal high and vertical high. These smart switches can connect Explora 1, 2, dsd 3U, 4U, 5s and all multi choice generations. This is an ideal multi switch for communal set up where body corporates have limited budgets and it’s easily upgradable to 30 user bands as recommended by multi choice for complex, MUDS, communal installations.

You can combine both DTT and Satellite into ODU32an it will be sent to as much as 256 units without adding an inline amp and you will lose about 4dbv over 10km range  when it get  back into the unit it will be converted  back into copper and you will get all quadrants into the unit via a GTU way.


  • This an installation where multiple decoders are connected at one point (head end) and the video out is distributed to the entire networks of the rooms.
  • This form of installation will enable the client to select channels to be viewed in order to set the head end
  • With such installation you get to connect multiple AV modulators and which includes S- band channels and C-band channels with single channel dedication.
  • We can connect DTT modulators which will enable DTT enabled Television to scan and get DTT channels.
  • These installation they vary from 3 TV’s to 250 TV’s connected to one network.
  • This installation is most recommended for guest houses, retirement villages, hospitals, restaurants, bars etc, where they use single decoder to distribute to multiple TV.
  • This installation are cost effective as we might not need to put a decoder per TV in video distribution network.
  • Multi connect is capable of repairing showy pictures and we can upgrade any type of installations from analogue channel modulators and 4 DTT modulators or HD modulators usig
One Cable
Two Cable
Four Cable with Switch
Fibre Overlay