Video overlay

This is a combination where data from the tel- communication company will be combined together with Dstv fiber on single mode fiber where the CWDM are use t split signal on 1550 nm and data of 130nm we only use 1550nm when we are combining our Dstv with other signals known as Dstv overlay and the telecom co will use between 1310 and 1490nm.Necessary calculations need to be done when designing the system (REF 290)

Please not that DSTV fiber installation on single mode, a Dstv fiber installation and video overlay. When dealing with fiber necessary precautions is required as fiber can be easily contaminated and damaged when the fiber core is exposed (necessary images)

  • This an installation where multiple decoders are connected at one point (head end) and the video out is distributed to the entire networks of the rooms.
  • This form of installation will enable the client to select channels to be viewed in order to set the head end
  • With such installation you get to connect multiple AV modulators and which includes S- band channels and C-band channels with single channel dedication.
  • We can connect DTT modulators which will enable DTT enabled Television to scan and get DTT channels.
  • These installation they vary from 3 TV’s to 250 TV’s connected to one network.
  • This installation is most recommended for guest houses, retirement villages, hospitals, restaurants, bars etc, where they use single decoder to distribute to multiple TV.
  • This installation are cost effective as we might not need to put a decoder per TV in video distribution network.
  • Multi connect is capable of repairing showy pictures and we can upgrade any type of installations from analogue channel modulators and 4 DTT modulators or HD modulators usig